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Office of Learning and Professional Development
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Houston, Texas 77005

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Human Resources
Office of Learning and Professional Development
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  Logistics FAQs  

Is there a cost for attending training? 
  At this time, neither individuals nor their home departments are charged for training set up by the Office of Learning and Professional Development.** Training pays fees to outside consultants to facilitate some of the classes. Rice staff who facilitate training are receiving a salary for their "day jobs," so we don't like the valuable time they set aside to facilitate training to be wasted by facilitating too-small classes (caused by either below minimum enrollment from the start, or as a result of no-show participants). The best way to help us not think about implementing fees for training is to sign up for courses, and communicate in advance when a change in your schedule prevents your participation in a class for which you're registered. **The one possible exception to this is Crucial Conversations training. The materials cost $250 per participant. There will be no charge for the course as long as the participant attends all parts and completes the course. If an individual starts the course but fails to complete it, the Office of Learning and Professional Development will charge that individual's department $250 to recover the cost of the materials. This is stated clearly in communications at the time of registration, before the course begins, and at the very first session, prior to participants opening their materials.
Where is training typically held, and how do I get there? 
  Most training classes are held in the International Bank of Commerce (IBC) Bank Building, 5615 Kirby Drive (1 block south of Sunset Blvd.; between Nottingham and Quenby Streets), Suite 300. As class size dictates and space permits, courses may occasionally occur in a classroom on campus. (Power Hour Conversations to Develop Great Managers and RICE Power Hours are offered on campus, typically in a room in the Student Center.) Of course, if you make arrangements to bring a course into your department, you'd have the option of having the training in a venue convenient to your department offices, or in the IBC Bank building. Parking is available in the garage just east of the IBC Building; enter from Nottingham Street. For further details, follow the instructions you receive in your training reminder email message.  Click here for a map and directions. 
Can I park my vehicle in the parking lot of the building where I attend training? 
  It depends! If you're attending a class in the IBC Bank building, then you're welcome to park in the garage just east of the building (watch for details in your training reminder email message). Of course, if you're attending a training class held on campus, then your best bet is to park in your assigned lot and walk or take the bus to the location for the training. 
What is the difference between a "Series" and a "Part" in a course description? 
  "Series" represents the number of times a course has been offered, and ties back to a particular date in which a course is offered (e.g., "Crucial Conversations, Series 7" means this is the seventh time we've offered "Crucial Conversations" to the campus). The "Series" number is mostly for internal Training use, and allows us to monitor dates, numbers of participants, etc. On the other hand, a course listing that indicates "Part I," "Part II," etc., means the course content is delivered over multiple sessions, and is complete ONLY when you've attended all of its parts. Each training class listed on the schedule will have a "Series" number assigned to it; very few classes will be offered in multiple parts, so few will indicate "Part I, Part II, etc." 
How do I know if a class has multiple parts? 
  A class with multiple parts will indicate the number of parts in its description, just behind the series number. For example, the following class was offered in three parts (and was complete only when someone participated in and completed all three parts): Crucial Conversations - Series 6 (Part 1): October 6, 2011, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Part II): October 13, 2011, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Part II): October 20, 2011, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Do I have to have taken all previous series of a course before I can take the series currently offered? 
  No. The Series number simply is a running tally of the number of times a course has been offered. However, if you're considering participating in a multi-part course (see questions above), you MUST have attended Part I before you attend Part II. 

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