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Office of Learning and Professional Development
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RiceLeaders Coaching

Since participants take a number of assessments before and during the program, administrators felt responsible to provide the participants with coaching to ensure they understand and make use of the feedback from assessments. As such coaching is an important component of the RiceLeaders program design.  This tool helps bridge the gaps between modules, and provides a way for participants to stay engaged in the conversation.  

All coaches selected for the program:  

  • hold a Ph.D.   
  • coach regularly   
  • have experience working over a period of time with Brent Smith, the RiceLeaders design consultant and faculty member   

Additionally, coaches are expected to:  

  • take participants through a review of the results of their assessments   
  • guide participants in identifying important developmental needs on which to focus attention   
  • support participants in creating personal action and development plans   

Some participants may opt to continue working with their coach even after the pre-determined number of coaching sessions have been completed.  Still other participants may make coaching opportunities available to members of their schools or departments.  

The participation and contribution of the RiceLeaders coaches enriches the value of the learning program and is one of the key means by which professional development at this high stakes level is successfully carried out.  The RiceLeaders coaches are:    


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