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Physical Address:
Office of Learning and Professional Development
5615 Kirby Dr, Suite 360
Houston, Texas 77005

Mailing Address:
Human Resources
Office of Learning and Professional Development
P.O. Box 1892, MS 98
Houston, Texas 77251-1892

Telephone: 713-348-6130
Fax: 713-348-5428
Email: learn@rice.edu  

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Course Registration Checklist  

We're committed to making it as effortless as possible for you to access, and realize the greatest benefit from, the learning and professional development opportunities at Rice. The following checklist is intended to guide your actions before you register for a course, and then before and after you attend the course. We strongly recommend that you complete these five important steps.   

  1. Notify your supervisor of your desire to attend an Office of Learning and Professional Development training session / workshop and request a meeting at which you:
        - Discuss the impact your absence will have on the office / department 
        - Discuss how the desired course will improve your ability to achieve your performance goals/objectives
        - Receive your supervisor's approval to attend the desired course

    Careful attention to each of these steps
    not only will create buy-in and support from your supervisor,
    but also will ensure that your office / department will not be negatively affected by your absence, and will benefit from your learning experience.
  2. Register for your training session.
  3. With your supervisor, select and complete the Impact Map that corresponds to the desired workshop / training.
    An impact map gives you a crystal clear "line of sight" to connect the training class with what you need to learn and do to be successful in your job. Studies indicate that learning opportunities have a greater impact on results when employees and supervisors spend time building focus and setting expectations for the training prior to the class. By completing the Impact Map with your supervisor, you will understand:
        - why the training is important
        - exactly how you can use your training to do your job better

        - how your improved performance can help the organization succeed
        - that your supervisor values the training, expects you to use it, and will support you in applying your new skills / knowledge
    to your work
  4. Attend your learning session / workshop.
    During the workshop, be open to learning, be mindful of your 
    Impact Map as you identify ways to apply the learning, and develop an action plan for applying your new skills / knowledge back on the job.
  5. Request and participate in a debrief.
    Following the completion of your training, debrief with your supervisor, using the same Impact Map to determine the extent to which your learning goals were achieved, and how best to apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge in the workplace.