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  Tools for Talking When Stakes are High 

Could a conversation that you are not holding, or not holding well, be keeping you from getting the personal or performance results you need or desire?  If you are unsure, consider the following questions:     

  • Do you find it difficult to communicate with the members of your team?      
  • Do members of your team easily become emotional and avoid conflict at all costs?     
  • Is it difficult to create positive group morale because of issues with territoriality and resentment    
  • Have major projects and deadlines been threatened due to a lack of team cohesion?      
  • Has your team's productivity been undermined by members who move too quickly, too slowly, or not at all?      

Whatever the performance issue - from poor productivity or declining quality, to lack of teamwork or strained relationships - it’s likely that you are experiencing the effects of a poorly held crucial conversation.   

What is a Crucial Conversation?  

A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. These conversations, when handled poorly or ignored, cause teams and organizations to get less-than-desirable results.   

Crucial Conversations Workshops 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, it is vital to your team and organization to implement an effective intervention that will positively impact your performance success.  The Crucial Conversations experience provides you with a set of tools and skills that builds alignment, agreement, and interpersonal communication within your team and organization.  During the workshop you will learn how to:   

  • achieve spirited dialogue at all levels in your organization  
  • surface the best ideas   
  • make the highest-quality decisions   
  • act on your decisions with unity and commitment.   

Tools for Talking When Stakes are High 

You will be able to apply the skills learned and developed during the Crucial Conversations workshops immediately and throughout your organization to:    

  • resolve disagreements  
  • build acceptance rather than resistance    
  • speak persuasively, not abrasively    
  • foster teamwork    

Learn how to create working conditions that empower people to speak with complete candor and respect, and promote the free sharing and exchange of ideas in a safe and friendly  environment.  Utilize Crucial Conversations skills and watch as performance - yours , your team's and the organization's - improves.  To learn more visit the Crucial Conversations Workshop Resources page. Click here to register for the Crucial Conversations workshop series today.